Pre-Conception Counselling


Prerequisites for assisted conception (AC)

Couples requiring AC need to undergo the following tests/procedures; these are included in the AC screening package which we recommend for couples.

It is the individual responsibility of couples who choose not to have this package to procure these tests and furnish us with the results. In all cases, couples must have a 60-90 minute appointment with the Consultant when all test results are available.

Female partner:

Male partner:

*Tests in black text are recommended (not essential)


Couples need a 60-90 minute consultation with Consultant (when all results available).

Semen Analysis – Information for patients having semen analysis

As a routine part of your fertility workup, we have arranged a semen analysis (sperm test) for you at our affiliate Andrology Laboratory at Knutsford or Cheadle (we will provide you all the details of the Lab). The following information is intended to explain the process fully and provide you with useful advice.

Where you provide the semen sample (home or hospital)

There are two choices available to you regarding where you produce the semen sample:

Our Fertility Nurse will advise you further of the alternatives and be able to address any queries you may have. The remainder of this information sheet pertains mostly to patients producing their samples at home.

Delivery of your sample (from home to hospital)

As a fresh sample is essential for best results with this test, the sample must be brought to the laboratory within one hour of being produced at home.


Instructions for collecting the semen sample


Sample identification

Delivery of your sample to the Lab

***NB: the Lab is NOT open Saturdays, Sundays or bank holidays***

Private rooms at the Lab

Private rooms are available within the Andrology Laboratory for patients who might not be able to get their samples to hospital within one hour or wish to produce at the Lab for any reason. We will request the Lab to send you an appointment for this if you have indicated this wish to us but please notify us immediately if you change your mind about producing at home and now require a Lab appointment.

How to find the Andrology Lab

We will provide full details and directions to help you find the designated Andrology Lab.