A very big THANK YOU to the brilliant Dr Edi-Osagie who has given me a new lease of life! I had radical excision surgery for severe/stage 4 endometriosis with Dr Edi-Osagie, Dr Kenneth Ma and team exactly 3 weeks ago and I have been pain free after 20 long years of living in continuous horrific pain!! Less than a week post-op and I have had not needed any analgesic whatsoever for pelvic pain and more energy than ever before! I have had repeated unsuccessful surgeries previously, put on hormonal meds endlessly with no symptomatic relief only to then be told that a hysterectomy was my only option and the deep nodular disease could not be excised due to its complexity. I am extremely grateful to Dr Edi-Osagie who did a thorough excision of all extensive and deep pelvic disease including on the bladder, ureters, rectovaginal septum, bowel, uterosacral ligaments, tubes and ovaries. AND Dr Edi-Osagie has given me HOPE again, the possibility to have the family I’ve always wanted and a much better quality of life. I couldn’t recommend Dr Edi-Osagie highly enough! And here’s to a new me!
A special thank you to Emma Edwards who has been a real pillar of support through this journey…endless support, You are a star! Thanks to all at CFC, you are an amazing team! God Bless!

LynnMarie Sadinia


Dear Mr Edi-Osagie and the Team, We hope that you are well. We are writing to share the wonderful news that our second son, was born on 15th June, healthy and gorgeous. We cannot quite believe that our family is now complete and we have two such beautiful children: we are extremely blessed and fortunate. As ever, we are so very grateful to you for all the help and support you gave us at some very difficult times. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for everything you have done for us – your work is so important and undoubtedly means so much to so many. Wishing you every health and happiness for the future.

Dr Edi-Osagie, Dr Sajjad, Emma, Holly and the entire staff of Cheshire Fertility Centre, We would like to say a massive Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love our 2 little princesses. Without them, our life would be incomplete.
Dear Dr Edi Osagie, Emma, Holly and the rest of the team,

After visiting a number of other clinics we decided to undergo a consultation with Dr Edi Osagie. We immediately felt at ease with with Dr Edi Osagie and his team due to the way that the whole IVF process was explained. Their approach felt completely personal to us which made the experience a lot less stressful. I was working full time and was able to fit appointments around my job as I could not take the time off. Emma and Holly were available whenever we needed to speak to them regardless of the question and never trivialised. We honestly felt like the whole team went through the cycle with us.

We were extremely lucky to conceive on the first cycle and will never forget how happy you were Emma when we rang you, even though it was before 7am!

We were very nervous throughout the early part of the pregnancy and again the support from the team was amazing.

Our family has nothing but praise and gratitude for you all in making it possible for us to be proud parents of our baby girl.

We hope to see you very soon for another cycle!


‘We cannot even begin to thank Dr. Osagie and his team for the care and support we have received over the last few years.  Edi and his staff are not only professional but kind, compassionate and personable.

The treatment we received was completely tailored to our needs and each step of the process was fully explained.

Edi and his team have fulfilled our dreams of becoming parents and for this we cannot thank them enough.